And The venture begins!

For the first time all week, there are more work-related emails in my Inbox than personal ones. Not that I mind the personal emails at all; at least I am entertained when I am sitting in cubicle-land! It was a pretty quiet day here.

Have a conference call tonight about Taste of Home Entertaining. Looks like corporate is ready to launch the company this weekend. Basically, all that means is I get my official consultant id numbers and can really start to train and build my team. Next milestone is May 1 when we can start parties. So far, I have 2 parties (thanks Carol!) booked for May so I am really excited about it all.

I have high hopes for this venture. Hopefully, I wont get too discouraged as the company gets off the ground. Being in at the beginning has fantastic benefits but they are really long term advantages. So lets hope I can stick with this long enough to see those advantages come to fruition!

In the meantime, calling all friends and family----catalogs will be at my house in late February to browse through. Make your wish list, book a party at your house so you can get the hostess benefits, sign up for your gift/bridal registry, and let's get new home decor stuff (the husbands won't mind---we will send them out on a boys night out!).

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