Dreams of far-off lands prevent you from getting too entrenched in your daily regimen today. Your heart just isn't in the present moment when you feel restricted by your current obligations. Remember, you have the power to balance your future desires with the here and now. You will be more satisfied if you focus attention on both.

Wow---sometimes horoscopes are right on; this one sure is! Looks like I should start really focusing on those future desires. First, I will have to figure out what they are.
1. More time at home with my family
2. Better money management so that I can do all the things I want to do (full kitchen remodel, buy that Dodge Magnum, quit this dumb job, and take a real vacation with the hubby)
3. Make my Taste of Home Entertaining business very successful (maybe that can be a fulltime career for me instead of sitting in this cubicle!)

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