Consider Yourself Warned!

My 2 co-event planners at the office are in Hawaii with the client. I am here in cubicle land all by myself for the entire week! Yes, I actually do have a little work to do but in general, its just another boring week. SO this is simply a warning to all that frequent my blog: be ready for posts several times a day! hehe..nothing better to do here so I need to fill my time with something! :)

This weekend was so wonderful. Really, I spend the entire weekend with my family. Bill and I took my dad to the winery. Layed in the Chardonnay vines for an hour or so, sipping wine and watching Grace chase the chickens and dog through the field. So relaxing. I am planning a wedding there in July so I did a little work while I was there but for the most part, just enjoyed the time with my family. Yesterday, Bill and I enlisted Dad's babysitting services and went to a movie. The last movie I saw in the theatres was "Wedding Crashers" so we were long overdue a good trip to Regal Cinemas! Saw "Walk The Line"; what a great movie. The kind that I will buy on DVD and could watch over and over again. None of the housework I planned on doing this weekend got done but oh well; a weekend with the family is so much better than dusting and organizing paperwork!

More later (remember...I warned you there would be multiple posts!)


allie said...

ummm, hello?!?! Did I not bring you Starbucks and grace you w/ my presence?? Liek THAT is the best part :)

So-Called Supermom said...

You did AND you helped with the flower girl dress shopping! I, of course, had a fantastic time with you and Jenna! Keep watching this week---maybe you and Jenna will be the stars of a post! :)

allie said...

heehee--did you know that today is national bubble wrap day??

kba said...

Allrighty - I've been waiting for all these posts - I too am bored - entertain me!