I have a date this weekend----with my husband! My mother and sister are both going out of town this weekend so my poor Dad is all by himself. He is dying to see Miss Gracie so he is coming over to babysit on Sunday so that Bill and I can see a movie (WHAT!? A movie? I havent seen one of those in months!). I think my Dad is just excited to play with Gracie so he can tell my mom that he had her undivided attention----it drives Marmee (yes, that is what my mother wants her grandchildren to call her!) crazy! So Gracie has a date with her Papa and I have a date with Bill this weekend. So excited.

On the job front, I picked up a side job to plan a wedding in July. Yes, I ADDED things to my life. I am crazy, yes I know. But, last night, I applied to 6 event positions. I started looking right before the holidays and just now things are picking up on the job list boards. Finally! Cross your fingers I can find a new position soon cause this one is so boring!!!

Have a good weekend all!

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