Bye Bye Baby! Hello Kid!

Okay, so here are the multiple posts! Yesterday I spent all my extra time planning bridal showers and wedding ceremonies instead of blogging! Hey--the wedding is paying a bill for me so that takes priority over the blog! :)

Today I am home with my baby girl. Well, actually she is a true toddler now. I pulled a bad Mommy moment and forgot to schedule her 18 month well-child visit to the pediatrician so 3 months late, thats what we did this morning. Grace's stats: 27 lbs and 35 1/2 inches. The doc said she is ahead of herself in language skills and is doing perfect! Well, I didnt need to pay a co-pay to know that one! :) The good news is that the doc sees absolutely NO signs of Marfan's Syndrome (YEA!).

The only part of the visit I am struggling to grasp is the recommendation that I shop for a child training potty and let Grace start "exploring" it. I just dont think that I am ready to let my baby girl grow up.....potty training is the first real sign that she isnt a baby anymore. I dont want her to grow up! Cant I just have a baby girl forever and not have a "kid"?! I know this process is going to take at least a year since children go back and forth being interested in the process. The problem really lays with me not being ready for all this growing up stuff!!! But I will embrace it and let Grace lead the way to the potty. First step" a Babies R Us trip to purchase the "Royal Flush Potty" (it sings a song with every success----that is really what the box says!). Wish me luck on this adventure!

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