What's Next!?

Have you ever noticed that everyone gets so excited about pulling out their Xmas decorations, they complain about the garlands and trees shedding needles as they put them in their homes, and then we complain some more when we take everything down a few weeks later?! I had my decorations up since the day after Thanksgiving so at least I got to enjoy them for awhile. Now that everything is piled in boxes in the middle of the kitchen, my house looks so bare!

Yesterday was a big day here in NoVA.....the Redskins won their Wild Card playoff game! We had a few friends over to watch the game in the newly arranged basement with the 56 inch HDTV. Made some nachos, ate some pizza, drank some beers. Great day for football. Anyways, in the last minute of the game, the Skins intercepted the ball. Bill got so excited that he jumped out of the basement recliner (there are 2 so you must designate which one you refer to!), hit the crappy foam ceiling tile (bent it in the process), landed in the chair again which promptly tipped backwards and Bill landed (still in the chair) underneath the FoosBall table!!! Hysterical!

I am actually sitting in the home office, ALONE! Its amazing----no one has bothered me for anything in an hou! Granted---I did tell them that I was working on Taste of Home E things (which I did) but it still amazes me. However, the fact that it is sooo quiet has me a little worried. Nothing good ever comes out of the silence of a 2 year old and her Daddy!!! :)

More later!

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