Brave Girl

After 9 days of recovery, we are trying school again today. I am so proud of Grace - she can't see further than 3 feet in front of her right now but she asked to go back to school even before her new glasses arrive.  It's not going to be easy - she can't see the board; she can't read a worksheet; she can't see the music during violin rehearsal. But she can learn by hearing the lesson and she can show the rest of her classmates what it means to be brave and strong during a scary and confusing time.  

Can you imagine not being able to see your friend on the other side of the table?! I can't. But Grace is going back to school just like that.  She's going back wearing her dad's old glasses just so she can see a little tiny bit better.  She's going back after missing a total of 13 days of school this month due to surgeries.  

She is my hero. 

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