New Eyes

I've had mornings like this more than I can count anymore - finding comfy clothes for me, ensuring no breakfast for the patient, and packing a bag to entertain myself for one to six hours in a bland waiting room.  I like to think I'm pretty good at this!

This time feels so different. This time I am going through my pre-op checklist for my daughter, not my husband. It's basically the same things that need to be done but for some reason, it feels so different. 

Grace is having the first of two surgeries to remove her lens in each eye. They are preventing her from having good vision and we are seeing the affects daily - it's time to make things better.  

It's a fairly simple straightforward and routine surgery.  Doesn't make it any easier though - not to mention I have heard that one before and it hasn't been easy!

So if you are reading this, say a prayer - spread good wishes - think happy thoughts....whatever it is you do, send Grace (and her worried parents) a little love today.  

I cannot wait for her to see the world with new eyes!! 

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laura said...

i saw all this happening from london....so happy to hear she is recovering well..xoxoxoxo!