Waiting in Pictures

A 13 1/2 surgery for the Hubby in the OR means 15 hours of waiting for me. Here is my day in photos.

Have wireless - can work anywhere! Not a bad view either.

I don't remember how it started but I have a thing about pudding.
Anytime the Hubby is in the hospital, I must have pudding from the cafeteria.
The addition of the cookies on top make this pudding a winner!!!! 

Damn this board!!! Its the OR Status Board.  See that LONG green line on the top.  That's the Hubby.
See how part of his green line is shaded - that is the "extended OR time" based on
original plan and schedule.   I hate this board. It just stares at me and adds more and more and
more green.  What I wan to see is brown --- that means patient is ready for visitors in ICU.
I got a baby visitor in the waiting room - made that hour pass quickly.
And really - isnt he just so adorable?!?!?!

A waiting room all to myself.  Fully prepared for a long day of waiting -
magazines, iPad, snacks, work projects, and music.

My favorite place at Hopkins - the original hospital building.  It's good luck to come here, say a prayer,
and rub the foot of the statue.  And so, every time Hubby is in the OR, I come here.  Its gorgeous and peaceful. 

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