Surgery Day.....Again

Tomorrow, the Hubby and I start another medical adventure.  Another time when I sit in a waiting room while the Hubby is with surgeons in the OR. Another season of recovery for him.  More adjustments to our daily family life to make sure we are all taken care of.  

This time its aortic aneurysms and hernias.  We knew this surgery was coming but honestly thought we had 5-7 years.  We don't.  We have to do it now.....we are at a critical size so it's time.  The traumas of the past few years have not been kind to my Hubby and its finally time to get things back in place.  

10 hours.  For 10 hours I will simply sit, waiting for news from inside the OR.  Hoping and praying for good news.  It is major surgery - two surgeries at one time really. Even though we have done both these procedures in the past, this round is a big deal - it's going to be a tough day and recovery all spring.  

Please, on Wednesday, say a prayer or think good thoughts or just remember my Hubby.  Send our babies some happy thoughts too - they are so strong and resilient to go through this again but they are worried about their Daddy and want him better.  

We need all those good wishes to get through this and move onto the stage of recovery and finally find our normal...again.


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