The Big 4

Four years!??! Can that really be?!  Will, my boy, turned 4 years old today.  He came into our life during some tough times and here we are again, in a similar situation....Daddy is in surgery recovery so there is no "normal" to come home too.  But this boy brings so much love into our world that no amount of upheaval at home can change how awesome his birthday is!

Will is ALL boy --- cars, trucks, dinosaurs, superheroes, Ninja Turtles.  He never walks - instead he runs.  He wakes up at 100% energy and maintains that level all day long.  He idolizes his big sister and is such a sweet big brother.  When he lets me, his cuddles light up my day.  And he is an amazing bear hugger...again, when he is in the mood of course!

The past few weeks he has grown up so much - he is doing more and more for himself and gets excited to do "big kid" things around the house.

Happy birthday my boy.  Love you super much!!!

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