The Grinch Came.

The Grinch came to visit us yesterday.  I don't think this specific Grinch was hairy and green or one that is going to steal Christmas and then bring it back.  I definitely don't see it coming back.

Our house was robbed yesterday.  In broad daylight.

iPad.  iPhones.  MacBook.  Electric guitars.  Camera.  Watches.  The list is longer but I am just so sad typing it out that I won't.  But you get the idea......this Grinch got quite a load from his visit.  And yes, in true green hairy fashion, he took the gift bags underneath the tree.

Its 24 hours later.  The fingerprint dust has been cleaned up.  New items added to the To Do List for the police and insurance.  The first floor of the house is put back together. I still need to re-organize our closet and clean up the master bedroom and do another search for missing things.  Passwords need to be changed and alerts added to accounts.

I am thankful that none of us were home.  I am glad that they didn't hurt the dog while they were here; poor dog was so upset all day and even today is still laying around sad.  They got STUFF. MY stuff.   HIS stuff.  OUR stuff.

The Grinch may have gotten my camera and all those pictures not yet downloaded but I REFUSE to allow him/them to keep my family's sense of security in our own home.  It's Christmas time - less than 10 days until Christmas morning.  I WILL find the spirit again in these next few days...one of hope and love and joy and safety.

And I know that spirit is still in this house as I look at my mantel and smile.  I see a family who in all our tough times, has stuck together and we have made it through them all. This is no different.  We will pull together and fight through the next few days of uncertainty and come out smarter about security, more grateful for what we do still have, and more determined to find peace and joy in the small things.

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