My Why

After a summer full of heartaches and disappointments and struggles, I took a leap of faith and bet on myself.

As of this month, I am an Independent Distributor for IT WORKS.  Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?!  If not, you should....they are amazing.  But this post isnt about the products...it is about My Why.  Why am I doing this?  Why did I take this chance?  Why am I pushing myself so hard on this? 

This is why: 

My babies. I took this leap of faith into a new business for them.  I am pushing myself hard from day one to make this work - to make my new IT WORKS business one that will help pay some bills and help support my family.  The products are wonderful - we are already using several of them here and they are making a very positive difference in our lives.  My energy level is up, my motivation and general attitude is soaring -- I am happy, focused, and excited about this venture.  

So, that is my WHY.  I am doing this for my family.

My IT Works website - visit to check out ALL the products! 

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