Conversations From The Backseat

I laughed all the way home from cheer practice tonight.....all because of the conversation between the two 10 years olds (Grace and her BFF A) in the backseat of a minivan.

At the start of the drive,

Me:  So girls, what is the best part of 5th grade so far?
A:  I get to have lunch with Grace.
G:  Recess.
Me:  Well, okay.  How about....what is something that you don't really like about 5th grade so far?
G:  Writing.  I like typing better and really don't want to have to write.
A:  Learning.  Sometimes I just dont like to learn things.
Me: (laughing so hard I could barely drive).

Then, just a few minutes later................

A:  Hey Grace.  I have a great idea for when we go to college.
G:  Okay. What?
A:  Well, you can pick the college we go to.
G:  Okay.  I will pick somewhere far away and fun.
A:  Okay,  Definitely someplace fun, like clown college.
Me:  (more laughing....now the tears are rolling down my face too!)

As we pull into A's neihborhood,

A: Hey Miss Jaime.  Guess what?
Me:  I cant even guess!
A:  I am already studying for my drivers test.
G:  You are? I can drive a golf cart...kind of.
A:  Grace, no you cant.  You fell out of one 2 weeks ago and got a concussion so you cant drive one! (very good point!)
G:  Well yea.
A:  I only know one thing so far.....you have to turn on your blinker when you want to turn.
Me:  Always a good idea (tears are flowing now cause I am laughing so hard).

Just a few minutes later, as A's mom and I are chatting on the sidewalk, the girls start asking where the trashcan................we are literally standing next to 3 trashcans on the curb.  Glad they are so aware of their surroundings.

Oh these girls.......always making sure we are laughing.

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