It's Raining...In My Kitchen

Our house is about 38 years old.  And most of the house is still sporting its original cabinets and floor and paint and countertops. 

We have lived here together for 8 years.  Hubby moved into this house when he was three years old. 

The past few years we have, piece by piece and room by room, updated things around here. Painted.  Added new floors and carpet.  This summer, we redid some major remodel work and got a new deck (so awesome!), gorgeous new front doors and matching shutters, and new very pretty countertops in the kitchen. 

And sometime in that process, we gained a new friend --- the guy who built our deck is now around the house all the time! Last week, he was helping me install baby gates on the stairwell and I ended up with the most amazing custom master closet system!

Which brings me to this week..........when I came downstairs to discover water dripping through the ceiling onto the kitchen table. 

And next week when, most likely, our new contractor buddy will be ripping out the entire master bath to find and fix the damage and leak from the shower. 

Remodeling is sometimes fun --- who doesnt love to pick out pretty tiles and paint colors and fancy fixtures.  What I am not loving is the money associated with all the "I Wants" and therefore the "I Am Not Getting".  But in the end, I am pretty psyched for a new bath to complete our interior projects.

Oh, I cant wait to see what projects I can come up with outside this summer. :)

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Suzie Thomas said...

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