The New Gig

There are so many things floating around lately --- all with great potential outcomes but they all require thought, conversations, soul searching, and of course more work. 

Once I get through all those steps I will let you know what is going on. 

But today I can tell you something pretty darn cool ---- I am the new Herndon Family Balance blogger at Examiner.com!  Yep, me!!!!! 

Check it out -- my own page, my posts on a site with millions of readers.  I am just getting started with this but am very excited.

PLEASE tell me what topics you would like to see on the blog - the best suggestions come from the readers.

Oh and visit me often there.  And comment too so I know you visited. :) 

See you here and there!

1 comment:

Maya said...

eeeee! that's so exciting! congratulations!!!!!