On The Road Again

With doctor's note in hand, I boarded a plane yesterday and woke up this morning in Jacksonville, Florida.  Traveling 32 1/2 weeks pregnant is a totally different experience than any other travel experience.

1.  People really are nice . It amazed me how thoughtful and nice other passengers and airline staff were to me during the trip.  Normally you are lucky to get a small smile when you say hello to the person sitting next to you on the short flight from ATL to JAX.  Not this time.  My plane neighbors were putting my bag in the overhead for me.  They were making sure I had bottled water all the time.  They chatted with me when I walked the aisles to try to avoid the leg cramps that come from sitting too long. 

2.  Cheese is everywhere.  With this whole gallbladder issue, eating meals takes more thought than I am used to.  And eating lunch en route is hard.  A fiesta salad from Moe's just isnt the same without the cheddar cheese.

3.  Baby in the Belly = Ask Mama Weird Questions.  As soon as people realize you are pregnant, the questions begin.  And even though everyone was really nice, they also asked questions that just seemed weird to ask a stranger.  Was this pregnancy planned or an accident?  Any complications?  Is the baby a boy or girl?  Oh, you dont know.  Have you thought about circumsion and vaccines yet for your new one? (seriously someone asked me this between DC and ATL!).  What is it about pregnancy that makes random people think these questions arent personal and maybe should not be asked of the 8 month pregnant stranger next to them on the plane!!! 

But I am here and the trip was fine.  Real work begins today for me......precon and then errands for conference and golf!!!

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