It's Different

8 weeks and 5 days until #2 arrives.  Well, at least according to my What To Expect When Expecting app (yes, there's an app for that).  We all know how babies always come on time so I am not holding onto much hope that Baby will show up on that specific day.  But regardless, #2 is coming and time is flying by.

When I was pregnant with Grace, the nursery was done by this time.  I had all my major gear items.  And her closet was full of outfits to be worn.

Right now -- the crib is still in pieces leaning up against the wall in the nursery.  There is a pile of miscellaenous boxes that need to be put in storage but right now, the middle of the nursery floor seems to be a good place for them.  And the gear we do have is limited to a new car seat and a new pack n play -- both in their boxes and in the garage.

Everyone told me that being pregnant again would be different.  And they were so right.  I dont find myself panicing over pregnancy symptoms that forced doctor calls last time around.  And I generally know what to expect next.  I can more realistically plan for the hospital and what I will want with me there.  Most helpful has been knowing what gear and brands I liked and didnt like last time - I feel much more in control of the baby shopping list this time around.

Last week's events have got me thinking though -- what if this baby decides to come early? I am so not ready! There isnt a bottle in my house.  Or a diaper either.  Wipes -- 1 pack that I found in the back of Grace's closet.  Guess its time to start stocking up!!!

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