Yes, I actually had FUN working out this weekend!!!!!

***Wow, I havent blogged since Thanksgiving!!!***

The countdown tickers stare me in the face every time I look at my personal emails....2 weddings this spring. One that I wear a gorgeous blue bridesmaid dress that shows off arms and the other in the Florida Keys.....both weddings require me to get my butt moving and back into my gym routine.  And frankly, the treadmill is a little boring AND isnt helping me make my arms look "bridesmaid dress worthy".

So, when my friend Jenna asked if I wanted to go to an exercise class with her this past weekend, I thought "YES YES YES!".  Maybe a group class will motivate me.  Having someone who is expecting me to show up with force me to get in the car and go.

And the class was awesome.  And 2 days later, my arms hurt, my abs are sore, and I love it!!!!!  If I am hurting, it must have been a good workout.

And besides the great workout, you know we all want to learn to swing on those shiny poles!! Admit it.  You do. And it was awesome!!!!!!

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