Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I rejoin the working world - commute, emails and voice mails all day long, and office politics - here I come. 

For 3 1/2 weeks, I have been home, taking care of the hubby as he recovers from open heart surgery. Its been exhausting at times, relaxing at times, and there were even times that I enjoyed being home playing nurse.  We had a lot of together time...not really talking about deep issues but just time to hang out.

Now I am heading back to the office and to real life.  Part of me is really looking forward to getting back - honestly, being at home the past week or so has been a little lonely for both of us.  Sure, we love to hang out but I think we are both missing the little bit of social life we had - Hubby's ability to grab a beer with the guys or my work events after the day is over to see all my industry buddies.  Starting tomorrow, we may be able to get some of that back.  Little by little, Hubby is getting that back too. 

We still have a long way to go in recovery but I am hopefully that tomorrow is the first step back to the normal insanity we call our life.


The Devols said...

Good luck today!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year~~!!!............................................................