Status Update

Its been a really long 4 days but we are almost home.  

Surgery was a few days ago and Bill has made such good progress.  Less than 24 hours in ICU and this weekend in the cardiac unit, he has been a good patient.  A few more days and we can head home to recover. 

For now, we spend our days taking slow walks around the unit and breathing exercises to help his lungs expand.  And every 4 hours we push the call button for some pain meds.

We had a steady stream of visitors today.  It amazed us.  The hospital is an hour from home yet so many of our friends made the trip to spend some time with Bill.  We really are lucky to have such good people in our lives.

We are both tired. . We are both anxious to get home but dedicated to waiting until his body is ready.  We both miss Grace.  And most of all, we both know how lucky we are to live so close to such remarkable doctors that gave Bill new parts so he can live a long life with us at home.

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