Day By Day

Surgery recovery is hard.  The incision hurts.  Nurses poke with needles at all hours of night.  Sleep is non-existent.  Machines beep.  And you have to drag an IV pole everywhere with you for days at a time.

What no one tells you is how boring it can be too.  You can only watch bad daytime tv for so long.  Magazines get so unexciting.  Yes, even the crappy gossip mags arent entertaining anymore. 

Today we spent time napping and reading and did some Christmas shopping research online for Grace. 

And tomorrow, we will probably do the same thing. 

We are both really looking forward to going home to our own bed, our own tv selections, and most of all, our little girl.


laura said...

don't knock daytime tv, jaim! you know you love your amc!!! ;) so happy to hear bill is doing great! xoxoxoxo!

Bri said...

The boredom has to be the worst - you guys are both so active. Have you found http://kids.woot.com/ or kidsteals.com? They sometimes have some deals - I've been watching and waiting for Christmas ideas :)