New Toy!!!!

Check out my new toy!!!

My old laptop was just that....old. A dinosaur in laptop terms. Still running Windows 98 and all those ancient things. The worse part (besides the weight of that thing!) was that the battery was so dead and the computer wouldnt charge a new one.........SO the portable benefit of a laptop was non-existent. It worked fine as long as you were plugged into the walk outlet. Not so conveinent all the time with a laptop, you know?

So with some extra income we have come across lately, I upgraded us to a REAL laptop....one that works and that has enough power to do what it needs to do. And just in time for my annual conference!!!
The biggest surprise was that the guy in the store told me they only had the grey model in stock but he could order me any color I wanted. I am a girl who likes instant gratification so ordering just to have a red/pink/blue laptop wasnt in my plan. When I unpacked the box, the girl at the store gave me a blue one!!! BONUS!!!!
And I love that I can sit on my couch and blog all this withOUT being plugged in!!!

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