An Amazing Day

I am not at the office today but I am working. On the couch with the new laptop and the tv on. Like the rest of the country (and I imagine most of the world), I am watching the continuous coverage of Obama's inauguration. Every channel is showing the events. And the National Mall - wow!!!! Right now, Metro reports there has been 409,000 passengars into the city. I am glad to be in my house watching all this and not on those trains.

Its a historic day. Those who know me know my political leanings. :) I tried to explain it all to Grace - its a pretty hard thing to explain to a 4 year old.

As I am watching the coverage of the Obamas arrive at the White House for a meeting with the Bush family, I am struck by something that has nothing to do with politics or even the historical significance. The way Barack and Michelle interact. Its beautiful.

They are driving around in his new Presidential limo yet he waits for her to be seating in the car and shuts her door before walking around to get in the car himself. He walks with her hand in hand. If they arent holding hands, his hand is on her back as they walk to and from the car. Even with all the stress on their lives and the scrunity they now live under, they maintain such a close and clearly loving relationship.

He gives the country hope that we can survive this economy and the war and all those incredibly important hard things the country is facing. But somehow, they, as a couple, give me hope again that love is alive and well in this country. That we can make it through - the hard times, the good times, the stressful times, and the celebrations.

That is the hope I see today.


Bri said...

I hadn't thought about that until now. Thank you for that :)

Laura said...

Love this! By the way, I totally burst into tears when I saw the girls walk out in their ridiculously adorable JCrew ensembles. What a sap I've become! Hope conference prep is going well!