Questions of the Week

This week I have a ton of questions. Maybe its all the time at the office I have to just think (there really isnt much to do when you only have 6 days left!!).

Every few days lately we have had some vicious thunderstorms. LOUD thunder, massive lighting bolts, and every single storm leads to trees blocking main roads and most of the time, our house loses power for hours! Luckily, tonight cooled down pretty quickly so the house didnt become the sauna it usually turns into. And the best part----the power came back on as soon as I pulled into the driveway from working late. HA! I didnt have to sit in the dark...this time. Here is the question: why oh why are we getting all these crazy storms? And why is it that all the sudden every single storm causes massive issues for one of the largest metro areas in the country!?!?

Have you ever had to interview someone for your own job? Thats what I am doing all week. Its very weird. I guess it makes sense; I can tell you pretty quick if someone will be able to get the conference done and executed in the next 3 1/2 months AND deal with the bossman. But really, its very weird to talk to someone who wants to sit in my chair in my office at my desk.

What has happened in the last week that has made my child so clingy? Anytime I leave a room, she follows. Okay, thats cute for the first 10 times. At night, she cries if I go downstairs. And every Monday when I drop her off at preschool, she tells me that she loves her new school but that she doesnt want me to leave her. Can you stay at preschool too Mommy? Dont go to work. I want to play with you. Let's read a book Mommy. I dont want to stay. It's heartbreaking. She talks about how much she loves school; she cant go half an hour without talking about how much she likes her teachers and she has started to make and talk about new friends. So why is she doing this every morning and night? I am struggling to figure it out. But I need to cause it breaks my heart!!!

Okay, those are tonight's questions. Probably have more tomorrow.

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