Never A Dull Moment NOW WITH AN UPDATE!

I am still here. My automatic pilot is on full steam ahead.

Tonight, after I picked up Grace from preschool, we headed home and cuddled. For an hour. That is totally unlike her. She gives hugs and kisses but the minute you ask her to cuddle with you for more than 32.8 seconds, she runs the other direction.

The cuddling=she is sick.

Fever was 102 degrees last night but the Mo.trin seemed to help so we sent her to preschool. Yep, you guessed it. Back to 102.8 degrees tonight.

Tomorrow, I will be staying home from work yet again this month to sit with the sick kiddo. I even get to spend ANOTHER $20 for a copay. I think the co-pay grand total for the month is now $120. YIPEE!!!!!

Update: The roller coaster of parenthood continues. She woke up this morning with NO temperature and was back to her diva-self. Strange. But hey, it saved me $20 and I got to go to work today.

But not all is negative tonight.....check out this picture. My daughter is gorgeous, if I say so myself.


Bri said...

She's a stunner - those azalea bushes are just the perfect pink backdrop for her blondeness :) Great pic Mommy!

-L said...

She's beautiful! :)