Letter F

Grace is learning so much at preschool. Every day she comes home and is so excited to tell me something she did at school. Yesterday it was the "magic cookies" they made. It is so amazing to watch her learn.

Possibly the most important knowledge is her alphabet. She can sing them fine and there are a few letters she can recognize. She can spell the word "stop" and her own name. I thought that was it, until Friday. You see, on Friday, the letter F was the focus. Everything revolved around letter F. They had french fries for lunch, read a book about a frog, and did a craft.

What I learned on Friday was that my 4 year old daughter knew how to spell another word.

I am so proud that this craft is hanging on the fridge until I find a place to preserve it in her baby book.


-L said...

Oh my god that made me laugh outloud! Haha, that's a great pre-school. Teaching the fundamentals :)

Anonymous said...

How can I not laugh? :-)

Laura said...