One of the things I have learned as a mom is that the world moves faster than I do. Being sick is not an option for me because laundry still needs to be done, the kitchen needs to be cleaned, Grace needs a bath, and preschool sends home letters that must be read.

This week has been one of those highly emotional weeks in life. Bottom line, a week that will change us forever but one that I am determined will make our family stronger.

And it has all made me sick. Physically sick. I am at the office but really should go home. Maybe an early day today.

More later when I can actually talk about things. I just cant handle it right now.


-L said...

So sorry sweetie. If you need to talk you know where to reach me.

Hang in there.

TeamWinks said...

I hope that all of you are ok. I'll be waiting for an update on the situation. Hang in there.