I am not normally a fan of The Tod.ay Show. Not that I dont like it but I am not home during the week when it is on so I am not a viewer. But today, the ENTIRE show is being recorded for my viewing pleasure this evening.

Why you ask!?

'Cause NKOTB is reuniting and the announcement comes on the show sometime this morning! You can watch a video of the guys on People.com today as well!

Yes, I am a complete dork for being so excited but oh well. As a kid, NKOTB was my first "band crush". My friends and I used to have New Kids Days at school; we all had to wear our New Kids t-shirts and anything else we had that was NKOTB related. It was insane! I remember going to their concerts in DC thinking that it was the best moment in my life. There is a picture somewhere at my mom's house of me in my acid-wash jean shirt, my I Love Jon NKOTB tshirt with the matching tee-tie (remember those things!?), and side ponytail. I thought I was hot---Mom even let me wear lip gloss!!!

And today, I taught Grace how to sing Hangin Tough!!! My work is done!

Seriosuly though, I am thrilled they are reuniting and I WILL go to that concert when they tour. Apparently there is a new single this spring and then a tour later on! I am saving my dimes now to get those tickets.

Oh, I am purchasing THIS today in celebration. And pre-ordering THIS as well.

UPDATE: Here is the video of The To.day Show with NKOTB. I can't wait!!!!!


Bri said...

Did you notice that they're sold out of the misses XL (which these nursing bazooms can fit in)? I'm wondering how many other moms out there are purchasing the shirt to lead to them being sold out of the one size that won't give us a bazoooka chest?

So-Called Supermom said...

I will buy whatever they have in stock and STRETCH the thing!!! HEHE!

agoodwitchtoo said...

A fellow Blockhead? WOOHOO!