Beach Bums

We spent the weekend in VA Beach. And I want to go back. It was cloudy, cool, drizzled on and off all weekend but we had a blast!

Grace played in the sand, made a friend at the playground (she isnt even 4 yet but seems to already know how to pick up little boys!), and hung out with the Hubby's family. All in all, a great weekend.

Hubby and I even got all dressed up for a charity event with the VA Beach SPCA. Silent Auction with great food and a fabulous bar! A real adult evening out...imagine that!!!! And I left very successful at the Auction. Here are a few pics of the weekend....enjoy!

Digging in the sand at VA Beach. By the end of our beach time, she was COVERED in sand. Good thing we brough 7 changes of clothes for our 2 days at the beach!

The VA Beach Aquarium has an Alligator exhibit right now, including an Albino Alligator. Really weird looking!! I LOVE this picture.

And this is what an almost-4 year old looks like in the car after 3 hours on 95 North. She is mad at Daddy and not talking to Mommy. And it was the only 10 minute time period that Mom and Dad could enjoy some quiet during the entire car ride!!


Catherine and Mitch said...

OMG, you know how Mitch loves the alligators. Now, we have to go and he has to take that same pic. So cute.

Bri said...

It's tough being you - a beach weekend?!

Love that face - and its nice to know that our kids aren't the only ones that "don't fall asleep in their carseats". I hate it when people ask that :P