Swing Batter Swing!

Tonight is a big night in DC. In fact, all weekend has been pretty exciting in DC.

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom. And they are so pretty. Even if I havent actually gone downtown in YEARS to see the blossoms, I still love the gorgeous pictures every night on the news of the Tidal Basin lined with flowering cherry trees. So simple and pretty in a city that is so non-stop craziness.

Tonight though was even more special.

The Washington Nationals Stadium opened and the first pitch of baseball was thrown in the new stadium. The stadium is perfect and amazing. Even better that it is done....they were still working on paint touch ups and final items late last night!!

Only one thing disappointed me. The Pre.sid.ent threw out the first pitch in the new stadium. Its a tradition and part of the national pasttime. It doesnt matter what political party you are in or even if yoou personally like the guy. He is throwing a ball, not making a speech or debating a policy. Its baseball. So why do so many people have to ruin the simple but glorious moment on the first night of 2008 baseball by boo-ing? Trust me, I know that many dont agree with him and thats fine. I dont really care who you like or not when it comes to politics. That is your right as an Amer.ican but cant we at least watch the Presi.den.t of our country throw out the first ball in the newest stadium in the capital of the country without the negativity!?!?!?

ARGH. Rant over.

Back to the game. PLAY BALL!

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Bri said...

I miss the cherry blossoms :)