Here I am, in HOT-Lanta, though its 47 degrees and definitely NOT hot. When I come south, I expect warmer weather. And I did not get that this trip. But its sunny and otherwise pretty nice.

Spent some time at Centenn.ial Park and checked out the damage from the tornado that ripped through downtown Atlan.ta 2 weeks ago. Its not that bad. A bunch of skyscrapers have missing windows but all in all, downtown survived very well.

Tomorrow I get to go out and about in the city looking at event spaces and all those other things. Today I spent 7 hours walking around the hotel looking at empty meeting rooms, trying REALLY hard to visualize the conference that is still 6 months away.

Its going well but this trip.....well, bottom line...I am just not feeling it. Normally, when I go on these planning trips and site visits, I embrace the time away from the normal routines and live it up. This time, I just want to get it done and get home. I miss Hubby. I miss my little girl. I miss the big goofy dog. I just wanna go home!!

How can you NOT miss these sweet girls!?

But for now, I must stop this post---I need to go walk through the hotel AGAIN to plot out where I want to place directional signage. See......event planning is NOT all that glamourous!

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Bri said...

Dude - your dog is bigger than your kid...amazing...

I love that G thinks she's walking Polly...uh huh - yup. Who's walking who there?!

Have fun in Hot-lanta - it's snowing here :)