The Pre-School Decision

The pre-school decision has been made. And what did I learn....that is sucks to be an adult with responsibilities!!!

We looked at 2 places in the area, one private school and one child-care center; both offer preschool for 4 year olds. I fell in love...madly, deeply in love....with the private school. I call it "KAP" (or kick-as.s preschool!) cause that is what it is. Perfection preschool style.

The other location is good. They are more child-led education but have a more open, flexible schedule. Since Grace has basically made her own schedule at day care for the past 4 years, that is good for her....to ease her into the "school" thing. The hours of the center are great for our schedules and she loved the school....inserted herself right into circle time when we were visiting.

After 25,297 conversations between Hubby and I, we decided not to register Grace at KAP. I am sad but its the right decision. The tuition would have been a whole extra car payment for us each month. That's a lot of cash. And the mortgage starts very soon. The place we decided on is only slightly more expensive than what we are paying now. So, its the responsible thing to do....for all of us. See....it totally sucks being an adult!!!!

The more I think about it, I agree with that. With this pre-school, we will be able to give Grace other things at home, like ballet class, swim lessons, dinners out with Mom and Dad...all that fun stuff that we like to do. At KAP, there would be no extra cash around and those things would be cut out.

So, this week, I will register her for preschool at the 2nd location. Starting this summer, she will be going to "school", not day care.

She is growing up too fast.

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TeamWinks said...

It doesn't sound like it was an easy decision to make, but it sounds like the right one if Grace was comfortable there. I like what you said about being able to still have things like ballet and mommy and daddy outings.

You're right. It all happens WAY too fast!