Good, Bad and Ugly

It was the best of days and the worst of days that I have seen in a loooooong time.

Which would you like first....the good or the bad? Let's go with the bad....so we can end on a positive note (my mantra for today!).


Hubby and I visited the pre-school of my dreams yesterday morning. The kids get 3 hours of "academic" time each day, homecooked meals from the professional cat.ering kitchen on site, time on one of the 2 playgrounds, and specialty classes each week. These specialty classes include gym, music, and Spanish; they get at least one each day. By the time they "graduate" from pre-school, they are writing their entire alphabet on their own! YEA!

All of that was impressive but the security system in place at the school sealed the deal for me. Each parent of enrolled kids gets a personal key code to open the only entrance door to the school. Without the code, you have to knock and wait for a school staff member to let you in and you MUST show identification if they do not immediately know you by name. Thats pretty great. Even better is that to exit through this door, you have to push the "Exit" button on top of the door frame (too high for any of the kids to reach!) or the alarm will sound through the entire building when the door is opened. That along is worth the extra $300 a month it will cost us to send Grace to this school.

I love it. I love everything about it....except the tuition. Its in line with other preschool tuitions in the area but it still hurts the wallet...a lot! We are visiting one or two more preschools this week. Enrollment at the the Best Preschool In The World is March 3 so there is a deadline to the decision for next year.

The Bad and The Ugly:

Yes, it qualifies as both.

A professional colleague of mine who outranks me (if there were "ranks" around this place) was mad at a vendor of ours. So, he called me yesterday, yelled at me (not "used a tone of voice to show frustaration", not "was short", not "acted mad" but YELLED), and then hubg up on me. In mid-sentence. I was trying to tell him that I would make a few phone calls but only got "I will make a few phone ca..." and then the dial tone.

I was furious. And I still am though I have calmed down a bit.

As a friend of mine pointed out yesterday, this behavior is not in line with the mission of my office. If you know where I work, that will make sense to you! :)

At the end of the day yesterday, I had talked to this person 6 times, each time I was yelled at; not for anything that I did but for what a vendor failed to do. It was frustarating that the vendor made this mistake but it wasnt a "show-stopper" and it did not cause massive problems at all. Except that this person felt the right to completely and utterly dis=respect me and display outrageous and unacceptable behavior.

It took everything I had to walk through those office doors today. Gotta run...I have a meeting with so called "professional" in 1 hour.


Bri said...

best preschool in the world - totally worth it - I will mail you our leftovers that my Mr. B (bc oddly we almost all have Mr. Bs) refuses to eat so you can have G go there - it sounds flat out amazing.

and as far as work goes - I have no advice. But really, the next time captain asshat does something like that I'd really like someone to take a picture of your face - bc imagining it isn't cutting it :)

TeamWinks said...

Next time bust out your inner Aretha. "R E S E P E C T!" That would create quite the priceless moment! Sorry he was a moron. Let's just hope he has some really good reason for forgetting common courtesy.

Sounds like that preschool has some really great safety features. That's comforting!

kbfixit said...

grats on the pre-school. Sounds like a good deal.

As far as the work thing, well, that's actually easy. Walk away. There's nothing in your job description that entitles anyone, even the president of the company, to scream and throw a fit at you. Once can be chalked up to an emotional outburst and maybe can be overlooked for the good of the workplace. Anything more than than, which I gather already happened, and you have every right to say something along the lines of "I refuse to be yelled and screamed at. If you cannot be civil to me, I won't work with you." Then make sure the highest boss/ manager/ supervisor knows. If it is the person of authority, then maybe it's time to move on.

- kb

-L said...

You were supposed to end with the good stuff!

But seriously, I'm sorry about the work thing. I can't imagine being put in that kind of a situation. Maybe this is just one more push to find something else out there. I wish you luck though. Hopefully things will settle soon.

Catherine and Mitch said...

Aww, little Grace in preschool. I cannot believe it. Where have the years gone. I can remember coming to your apartment to meet the little miss when you brought her home. Good lluck with your decision progress. Those deadlines suck...take it from me, we just want you in the door-hee, hee, hee:)

Sucks about work, but you rock and you know it.