Midnight Ponytail

I havent had to truly "hold her hair" for a few years now. That crazy bachelorette party...I think that was the last serious partying I have done......3 years ago!

Last night, I held her hair.

The 3 1/2 year old was throwing up and my first reaction was to hold her hair while she puked in the toilet. When she was done, she looked up at me with these sad little eyes (she hates being sick!) and said "why do I have a ponytail?". My answer: Cause. And when you are older you will totally understand."

I let Bill get the towels and clean up the puke on the bedroom carpet. At least she made it out of the bed.

Today I stayed home with her. She has a little fever but I bet it doesnt even register at 100 degrees if I took her temperature. Really, it was a great excuse to avoid the offie today.

Its been over a week since I posted here. I didnt forget---but between the midnight Black Friday shopping, the Christmas decorating, and the general work-sleep pattern of life right now, I havent posted. But I have a few in the works so I promise...I am back!!!!


Bri said...

Poor baby :(. Those sad eyes are the worst

Give her some squeezes

TeamWinks said...

So sorry she's not feeling well. Good to see you're teaching her those valuable life lessons! ;-) I was wondering where you went.

-L said...

Poor little thing! Hope she's feeling better now.