Define "Good Girl"

The man in the big red suit has made his appearance at the local mall. Actually, he has been there since before Thanksgiving but that isnt the point.

This year, Grace gets it. The whole Christmas thing....be a good girl and Santa brings you toys. Thats all you need to know as a 3 1/2 year old.

But how do you define "good girl"? Grace defines it as a girl who is nice to her friends and says sorry when she is bad. This is what she told me yesterday after sitting on the old man's lap. $15 and 2 copies of the cutest picture later, I guess she is right. Isn't she?

Cause as long as you say "I sorry Mommy" after cussing out your princess figurine for not going to sleep, those 3 words erase all "badness" from Santa's memory. "F---ing Princess" is not what 3 1/2 year olds are supposed to say....BUT as Grace told me, "I say sorry so now Santa is happy".

Oh, well, okay then.


Bri said...

I get "Let's be friends mommy" after the mean girl explodes from Ashley's evil recesses :P.

And of course sorry erases all the badness - aren't you catholic?!?!

How in GOD's name did you get her to sit there AND smile?

So-Called Supermom said...

She sat and smiled all by herself. It was her idea to visit the old man!

-L said...

What a great picture! And I love that santa, we saw him 2 days ago when we were at the mall. I'm convinced he's the real one :)

TeamWinks said...

I'm impressed too! Sitting and smiling!