Warming The Bench

So much excitement around here these days. And none of it is occuring in my house (unless you count the fact that Hubby FINALLY shaved that horrible beard off his face--yea!).

Allie and Matt are getting hitched. Carol and Steve are planning their wedding. And Kade has arrived!!! What else do we need in our lives but weddings and babies?! So much fun.

This coming weekend will be spent scouting rehearsal dinner places with Allie, hitting the Bridal Expo with the 2 brides-to-be and anohter "old married one" (hehe, once you walk down that aisle, you join this fabulous club of "old married people!"). Oh, and baby shopping for the new Little Man and his big sis.

Great fun! And man, do I need a fun weekend.

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-L said...

'Old Married One' jeez, it hasn't even been a year yet! At least wait until that happens to call me that ;)

But yes, I too am looking forward to this weekend. Should be a blast!