Picture Post

Its been awhile since I posted pictures of "current happenings" and so here they are!!!!

Girls Night Out celebrating Carol and Allie's engagements. So much fun having 2 weddings coming up.

This is Grace's new pasttime....picnic. Why eat real food when plastic food is just waiting for someone to eat?! Note to self: check country of origin on plastic food. Not good if it says "Made in China"! The guests of honor were told that clothing was optional.....Sn.ow W.hite opted for a dress, Bar.bie chose to remain undressed throughout the picnic lunch.

Grace is following Barbi.e's lead....who needs pants?! Just throw on a tshirt, socks, and sneakers and you are all set for dinner at Grandma's!


-L said...

Great pics! I was wondering what happened to that group pic. I'm stealing it :)

And that last pic of Grace made me laugh outloud. She's quite the character!

Bri said...

Sneakers and underpants :) Just the laugh I needed

Allie said...

Umm, can my boobs look any bigger in that shirt??!! Good Lord! :)