The LONG weekend

UPDATE: Pictures from the Fourth party at L's blog. Go there and then come back here!

I survived the long weekend.

Yes, there was a question on whether or not that would happen.

Thursday and Friday was Buffet-fest 07. And man, it rocked. It wasnt 100 degrees outside, we had the perfect setup, and no one melted when the rain soaked us during the show. One of the best Buffett shows I have ever seen.

And then the egg fight. Oh the eggs. Saturday morning I had 12 eggs sitting nicely in my fridge. By the end of the evening, only 1 egg remained. I could tell you the story but Allie has already written it out so well on her blog that you just HAVE to go there to get the details. Basically, it involves eggs being thrown, eggs on my carpet, and a boy being slapped.....by me!! HAHAHAHA!

The 4th went by with pooltime, pina coladas, hot dogs on the grill, fireworks, and no cops. Usually the boys in blue show up to tell us to put away the fireworks bought out out of state. But not this year!!!!

And now, the day care vacation has started and Hubby and I are taking alternate days off to hang with Grace at home. Oh, and we are still paying for day care....its paid vaca and all!


Bri said...

The egg fight just makes me twitch - I can't imagine!!!!

You guys should've taken pictures of your carpet before (cost = X)... a picture of an egg (cost =15 cents) and then a picture of the egg on the carpet with the laptop next to it - cost of googling how to get egg out of the carpet - priceless :)

-L said...

We totally should have done what Bri said...if we were all thinking clearly, which we were not :)

Yesterday was a blast...check out my blog, there are a TON of pics!