Hermit Crabs Come To My House to Die!

Last summer, we got Grace her first hermit crab. She named him Me. Me died 5 days later.

2 weeks ago, I brought another hermit crab home from VA Beach named Me2. We lost him. Seriously. We took him out to play with him and forgot that he was on the floor. 30 minutes later, he was gone and even a search of the entire house didnt recover him. That is until I almost stepped on him over Fourth of July weekend. He finally crawled out of his shell and died on the carpet. Fantastic!

My parents went to VA Beach last week on vacation. And being good grandparents, they bought Grace another hermit crab. We all took bets that he would last 4 days in my house. Well, my mom brought him over last night at 6 pm. Then we all went out to dinner (the Crab Shack, ironic huh?). At 9:30 after Grace was asleep and I was doing that late night cleaning, I decided to get Tubby's (that was what Grace decided to call this third hermit crab) cage, he was dead. DEAD. AFTER 3 1/2 HOURS. HE WAS DEAD.

And what was the first thing Grace asked about this morning? Tubby. I told her that he was at the beach. Guess this afternoon's outing will be to a pet store in search of Tubby2!


Bri said...

That's excellent - we shall now call the b home - The Crab Shack :) In search of sign=age now

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Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

Aww poor Grace :(