Grace the Beanstalk *UPDATED*

Before Grace was born, Hubby and I went to the police station to have the infant seats installed. It was great as the officers should us all the tricks and gave us some really good advice and pointers about car seats.

Things that I otherwise would not have thought of like: 1) the left side of the car is the most dangerous so if the baby seat cant be placed in the middle seat, then always put it on the right side; 2) pool noodles and towels are great at getting those stupid bases at the perfect angles, and 3) once the shoulders of the kid are taller than the highest slot for the shoulder harness, the kid is too tall for the seat to protect them correctly and it is time to shop for a new seat.

This last tip has got me all worked up now.

Grace is very tall for a 3 year old. 97% for height and 75% for weight. Clearly, she is tall.

Her car seat, which I LOVE, is giving me shivers. Her shoulders are slightly above the last harness slot on the seat. But now, as I research this, I cant find anything about height issues with a car seat. Weight issues are addressed everywhere but apparently, height is just not important. But if it wasnt important why have hieght guidelines on car seats?

Grace has a booster seat in Hubby's car and she fits in it fine. The seat belt lays where it is supposed to and she is old enough to understand the seat and how it works.

So what to do.......move her to a booster in my car or wait til she literally outgrows the current seat?

After a little (I say that with sarcasm!) by my friend Bri and I, here is what I found: Britax claims that children can stay in this particular car seat (the Marathon Cowmooflauge) if the shoulder starp/harness slot is lower than their shoulders as long as the child's ear is shorter than the top of the restraint/car seat.

And so tonight, we check out Grace's ear height!


kbfixit said...

SuperBoy just outgrew his infant seat. he looks like a real kid in the new seat, no baby anymore. It's kinda strange. :)


Anonymous said...

the right side of the car, looking at the front of the car? or the right side if you are IN the car?? in otherwords, the driver's or passenger's side? :-)
Now you've got me paranoid!

So-Called Supermom said...

The drivers side of the car is the most dangerous side. Most accidents happen on the drivers side.

TeamWinks said...

Well, let's see those long legs of hers!