Beach Report

I am so tired of being in cars.

It took us 4 1/2 hours to get to VA Beach on Monday and it took us the same time to get home yesterday. And all day yesterday, in and out of the car looking at hotels and the convention center and all the other important meeting places at the beach.

But, the highlights from the trip.....
  • sitting on the beach until 1 AM with a Coron.a in my leftover plastic Son.ic cup cause there are no bottles allowed on the sand
  • meeting Bru.ce Sm.ith, former Buffal.o Bil.l and Red.skin.....seriously, he was the biggest person I have ever seen. He is huge!!!! And so nice.
  • bringing home a new hermit crab for Grace. Last year, the hermit crab we bought in Oc.ean City only lasted a week or so. I wonder how long this one will survive at my house!

All in all, loved the beach. They told me to call if I wanted to take a vacation any time soon. Yep, I just might have to take them up on that one!!!


Bri said...

Does the hermit crab have a name?

Ash names everything Mr. _____. It's pretty funny...

Vacation - I so was ready to take one - DAMN MY OB!

So-Called Supermom said...

the first hermit crab...the one that died last summer. His name was "Me".....Grace names everything "me". So this one is "Me 2". HAHAHAA