The Event

***Pictures will come later!***

The clock on my computer read 4:15 pm. I picked up my huge bag of stuff, grabbed the dress off the hook on my office door, and headed for the ladies room. Have you ever prepped for a black tie event at the office? Quite interesting I must say. Something about slipping on a new floor length dress in the handicapped stall of an office building bathroom; it kind of takes the romance out of the words “black tie”, don’t you think?

But at least I proved to the rest of the office that I do, in fact, clean up well! The running joke has now become that instead of jeans on Friday, we all must wear formal clothes! HAHA!

This event was only about 10 miles away in downtown DC. I left myself about 45 minutes to get there, knowing DC traffic. Yep, just over an hour (yes, over 60 minutes!!) later, I arrived and headed straight for the bar. And I found it! J

The event was for the Education Foundation of one of the meeting/convention industry associations. The main event of the evening is a few “talking heads” on the stage getting awards. But that is not the highlight. Really, the event was nice. The ballroom looked gorgeous. The table settings were spectacular. Even the bagpipers who were rocking out on stage were great. But the best parts of the evening happen at the hotel bar after the official event ends. Isn’t that always the case though?

I spend every day working with these people. We negotiate contracts, talk about room setups and technology needs, and I let them tell me why I should place my meeting in the city they represent. But it is so rare to get the chance to get all dressed up and just hang out. And I had such a blast last night.
After a glass or two of wine too many, I headed home. And got home safely. At 12:30 AM. This morning was a little rough, as you can imagine. But not as rough, I imagine, as another friend of mine who sent me a text message at 2:46 AM, just leaving the hotel!!! We were trying to hook her up with someone at the bar….apparently he is a wimp, according to the text message. But anyways……

So last night was awesome. Only another year to go until I can get all dressed up again!


-L said...

Glad to hear you had a blast, and FINALLY a picture of the dress!

Gorgeous :)

Bri said...

I JUST love this dress. And cannot WAIT to see pictures of you in it.

You grown up you :)

TeamWinks said...

Oooooh, time out as a grown up! It sounds like you had a fabulous time!

IRS Printing Guru said...

You could come to the KDR formal every year w/ us - that is black tie :)

Get to hang out w/ 18 & 19 year olds

-L said...

oh yes...please come next year! it's so fun to watch 2 18 year old girls give each other lap dances...

ok yeah, I think I just heard B sign you guys up for next year :)

Laura said...

What a gorgeous dress!!