What Makes Me A Mother

You mean, besides the fact that I was the DD for 10 months!? And besides the fact that several shirts were ruined due to leaks that shall never again be mentioned?!

Serisouly, though. What does make one a mother?

It isnt the act of giving birth. I know several people that are excellent mothers to me and to Grace and to Hubby that are not the women who pushed for hours.

It isnt that sleepless nights endured with a newborn. Plenty of people have sleep issues, though being completely exhausted while nursing and rocking a baby while humming lullabys certainly qualifies you as a mom.

And its definitely not whether you stay home during the week days or go to the office. Or if we follow the guide of attachment parenting or if we breasfeed or formula feed. Those are our personal choices.

Motherhood comes in so many shapes, sizes, and flavors.

What makes me a mom? My love for my child. Pure and simple.

And I am proud to say, that even though I am her Mother, I am not her only Mom. She has "Other Mothers" just like I did growing up. She knows that my love for her is undeniable and deep and strong and will never falter. She is my heart and soul and every choice I make is for her.

But there are other women who love her deeply as well. They are the ones who she will run to when I punish her for breaking curfew or wearing makeup before I allow it. They are the other women who will stand with me on Grace's wedding day. And the ones who will spoil her now and will spoil her babies one day.

Mothers are everywhere. And it is that special love for a child that makes you a mother.

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Bri said...

Very sweet :)

Although I'm no where close to even imagining Grace getting married - she just got big girl underpants...

and now you made me tear up...