Balance? Whats that?

Dont you just love those productive weeks? Yep, its only Wednesday but I feel like I have gotten more done at work than I did all last month! It feels great.

But thats only at work, Not at home. Definintely not at home!

There are piles on the kitchen table, piles on the coffee table, piles at the bottom (and top) of the stairs, and let's not mention the office piles. Somewhere in those piles are bills, coupons, insurance benefit things, and I am sure a million other things to add to my To Do list.

At the office, everything has its place and everything is in its place. That Type A attitude......yep, it stays here cause its pretty apparent that it hasnt come into my house lately.

I need to get it all under control. Summers are so busy around the house with the pool opening soon so I only have a little time to get it all done.

Now, here is the most interesting part of this post: Did you see how this crazy mama can start a post out so confident in her productive week at work and then at the end being totally stressed out about things she hasnt done?!

Maybe this is that balance thing we are all looking for.


Bri said...

My favorite part? You said Wednesday and it's THURSDAY!!!


So-Called Supermom said...

HAHAHAHA! See, craziness!