We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Last night was 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins. And it was soooo yummy and what a deal! For 6 scoops of awesome ice cream, I spent $1.95. Totally worth standing in line for an hour.

Originally I planned on hanging out with the girls to see Dirty Dancing at the movie theatres. Until I realized that I had double booked myself and I had to cancel on the girls in favor of my Dad. Hey, Dad is awesome and home all alone this week. Ijust couldnt imagine cancelling and knowing he was eating a microwave dinner again all alone at home! But the girls still went to the movie and I am sooo jealous!!!


31 cent scoop night was packed! We pulled up at 7 pm thinking we could run in and out in time for bath night for Grace and bedtime by 8 pm. Nope. There was a line at least a quarter mile long. Luckily, there were 2 fire trucks (one ladder truck and one engine......did you know those are 2 completely different trucks!?) and a few ambulances for the kids to play on. It was great! Grace climbed right into the ambulance and made friends with the fireman. Asking his name, sitting in the fireman seat, and even laying on the stretcher. She told all the firemen there that her Uncle Mitch checks her vitals and that he drives a fire truck (and she is right!!).

Adorable. As soon as we get the pics downloaded from Catherine's camera, I will post them here.

Normally I would not stand in that ridiculous line. But the night was benefitting the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. A local fire fighter, Kyle Wilson, was recently killed on the job in a house fire. He and Mitch (one of my new roommates) were in Fire Fighter Recruit school together only 9 months ago. And so, we all stood in line to honor those who protect us every single day.

All in all a good night.


Bri said...

Firetrucks and ice cream? That's toddler nirvana :P

YETTE said...

hello! just passing by...

that's a really cute photo! =D haven't eaten Baskin Robbins for so long. it's so horribly expensive here!

take care!