Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner!

20 years!!!??? Seriosuly!?

Yep, 20 years ago today, Dirty Dancing was released. Its one of my favorite movies.

I remember wanting Jennifer Grey's dress at the last scene soooo badly. You know, the one with the twirly skirt. Yep, and how cool was she that she got to do a lift!? And remember that silly little walk/dance/trot/skip that she and Patrick Swayze did on the log while they were practicing. Yep, I could do that too!!!

And tonight and tomorrow night, the movie is back in theatres!! So psyched.

7:30 tonight or tomorrow. Who's with me!?!?!


-L said...

Tomorrow night, whoo hoo! Can't wait :)

Bri said...

REALLLLLLLLLLY???? We might go find ourselves a babysitter so we can go! Well so I can go and Ken can sit through it with me for the billionth time :)

....And IIIIII haaaaaaaad the time of my liiiifeee....

Beth said...

No way! Where is it playing? The sexiest scene ever in a movie is when they're in the studio practicing and Patrick Swayze runs the tips of his fingers down Jennifer's arm, past her breasts, and to her waist. Can anyone say sexual tension????