I love long weekends!!!!

Today is the beginning of a long weekend. Man, do I need one!? No drama going on that I want to escape from; just looking forward to an extra day at home.

My plans for the weekend look like this:

Saturday: Lay by the Pool
Sunday: Read a book while lounging by the pool
Monday: Relax in the comfy pool chairs.....by the pool. And get my baby fix while hanging out with Baby Dylan!

So as you can see, my weekend consists of the pool. And I cannot wait!

Anyone want to join me? Pina Coladas will be available.......if I dont drink them all before you get there!!!!


Misty said...

New to your blog and i have to say, your weekend sounds luxurious! Obviously you are somewhere with far better weather than we are having. I can spend my weekend looking out the window AT the pool :)

TeamWinks said...

Enjoy every minute!

Bri said...


Misty said...

i love your blog title because I am still such a fan of "my so called life" (far too short television series)

Thanks for stopping by! I will have my pool weekend shortly, i am happy to have the rain and movies for now!

M said...

Um he-llo! Me me me! I'll be there! :)
Are you going to the mommy's park get together on Sunday? WE'll be there too!

allie said...

Hey-that's the pic I took last 4th!!! I'm there on Monday!!

Anonymous said...

Drink up, girl. Have a great weekend!!!