The Daily HumDrum

I know....how boring have I been lately!? Seriously, there is nothing new going on. Just the day to day stuff that life brings.

This weekend was perfect. And I am still wishing I could hit the rewind button to do it all over again. For once in a long time, there was nothing on the calendar. It was blank. We needed that so badly. Instead of laying around the house though, we: 1) weeded and mulched, 2) cleaned the entire house, 3) did loads of laundry until yes, I actually got caught up, and 4) layed in the sun for a few hours. And the best part of the weekend was looking out into the yard and seeing that the pool is OPEN! Now, all week long, please pray for sunny weather so that the water warms up enough to take the Summer 2007 Inaugural Swim this weekend.

The roomies and we played Battle of the Sexes Friday night and we (the girls) got our butts kicked. Really, though, the guys won by default. They were at least 5 spaces behind us but pulled a wild card that read "He says I Love You first. He moves to the end." That's crap. First of all, you cant win a game that way. And second of all, what guy says those three words first!?!?!? Whatever.

So all in all, status quo here. And it is so nice.


Bri said...

Boring is the best - I love boring. Boring equals happy, calm, secure :)

Yay you guys!

kbfixit said...

when is the Big Swim?


Bri said...

Is this the humdrum blank week or something?!?!?!