What Next?

Someone asked me the other day a question that normally I have a 20 minute answer for: So, what are your next goals? Where are you going from here?

Ummm..........In 5 years I will be........ummmmm.........nope, I have no clue!

For years, my goals have been pretty simple to list: 1) keep Hubby and Grace healthy and keep Marfan's Syndrome incidents as low as possible, 2) get my CMP, and 3) finally own the house so that we can start the renovations.

#1 is an on going goal but with the cardi.ologist telling me that there is no sign of Marfan's for Grace, I can relax a bit there. #2 is complete. I have the 3 magic letters and dont need to recertify for 5 more years. And #3 is in progress.

So what next?

Career-wise, I am not sure. So far I am still being challenged so there is no reason to look for anything else out there. I am happy at this office. But I need a goal to reach for. Maybe its getting more involved in the industry as a whole. But what am I willing to sacrifice to attend committee meetings every month and various professional development events al month long? Will it really help with my career? Is it worth it?

Yes there is still a ton going on in my life. But I have always had something to reach for. Some goal out there, whether it was 6 months or 6 years away.

Whats the next thing for life?

I am happy with it all right now. But I hate feeling as if I am simply going day by day. I need some "destination" at the end. Maybe thats my new goal......to find the next thing!

Any ideas?!?!!?


Bri said...

Our big ones other than sell our house and buy a house and have Kade are to: take a family vacation, lose weight/get in shape, start grad school, finally take a great family photo, cook more/eat out less, agree on living room furniture and purchase, well - that's as much as I can think of now :P

So-Called Supermom said...

hehehe, sounds like you have NOTHING going on, huh!? I think just managing the pregnancy and a toddler are enough for you right now!

-L said...

How about you relax for a little bit :)

The house is still a goal, getting your kitchen to look fabulous. Until that's finished just take a little break from going 100 mph! :)

TeamWinks said...

I'm with L!